Seattle Center - 1962 World's Fair

Seattle Washington Tourist Information and Travel Guide

The Seattle Center Park and Fairground is a 74 acre park located in the heart of Seattle Washington.  Originally the site of the 1962 World's Fair, Seattle Center today is home to many of Seattle's top attractions.

Seattle Centre Fairground
Seattle Center, Seattle Washington

Attractions at Seattle Center include the following:

  1. Space Needle
  2. Seattle Center Monorail Terminus
  3. Center House Theatre
  4. Children's Museum
  5. Experience Music Project
  6. Science Fiction Hall of Fame
  7. KeyArena
  8. Fisher Pavilion
  9. Fun Forest Amusement Park
  10. International Fountain
  11. Mercer Arena
  12. Mural Amphitheatre
  13. Pacific Science Center (Imax & Laser Dome)
  14. Seattle Centre Pavilion

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